What Do You Learn in Barista Training? Insights From our Barista Course.

what do you learn in barista training? insights from our barista program

What Do You Learn In A Barista Course

How Long Does it Take to Learn Barista Skills?

The time it takes to learn to be a barista can vary widely depending on the intensity of the training program and the individual’s prior experience and skill level.

For beginners with little to no experience, a basic understanding of barista skills can be acquired through a day course. These introductory courses typically cover basic skills such as operating an espresso machine, and making espresso-based drinks.

For those looking to become proficient and gain a deeper understanding of becoming a barista, it’s necessary to have comprehensive understanding of customer service, coffee beans and grinding, efficiency operating an espresso machine and making espresso-based drinks. That’s why it is important to choose a hands-on experience longer than a day in a cafe setting training.

Why Choose To Learn in Barista Training?

Barista Training
  • Comprehensive Training: Our course covers all aspects of barista skills from the basics of coffee making to more advanced techniques like latte art and espresso extraction. You’ll learn not only how to make a great cup of coffee but also how to maintain the equipment, understand the science behind coffee, and manage the pace of a busy café environment.
  • Customer Service Focus: We understand that being a barista is not just about making coffee; it’s about creating experiences. Our Customer Service English component prepares non-native speakers to communicate effectively with customers, enhancing the customer service experience and building a loyal clientele.
  • Certification and Recognition: Upon completion, you’ll receive a Lexis English certificate and two units of competency from Nationally Recognised Training, which are respected by employers in the hospitality and food service industries. These certifications validate your skills and increase your employability.
  • Practical Experience: You will gain invaluable real-world experience in our fully operational café, preparing you for immediate entry into the workforce. This hands-on experience is what sets our graduates apart from others.

Barista Training Learning Outcomes

Barista Certification
  1. Follow hygiene procedures and identify food hazards.
  2. Learn how to prevent food contamination and cross-contamination by properly washing hands.
  3. Organize a coffee workstation, select and grind coffee beans.
  4. Advise customers and take espresso coffee orders.
  5. Extract and monitor the quality of espresso, and undertake the milk texturing process.
  6. Serve espresso coffee beverages and clean espresso equipment.
  7. Develop skills in prioritizing customers and communicating effectively.
  8. Explain price, availability, and product benefits to enhance customer service.
  9. Recognize customer problems and resolve them efficiently.

Furthermore, becoming a skilled barista also involves continuous learning and practice even after formal training. Mastery of latte art, developing a palate for coffee tasting, and keeping up with new coffee trends and brewing technologies all contribute to the depth of knowledge and expertise that a professional barista can achieve over time.

Ready to Elevate Your Coffee Craft?

Join us at The Culinary Academy’s Brisbane and Noosa campuses and start your journey to becoming a professional barista. Whether you’re aiming to master the art of espresso or want to dazzle customers with exceptional service, our 2-week hands-on Barista Training is designed to set you on the path to success. Spaces are limited, so don’t miss your chance to turn your passion for coffee into a rewarding career. Enrol now and start brewing your future today!

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February 21, 2024

Fantastic service and beautifully positive energy in there ☺️✨. Food is always delicious.

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January 23, 2024

Very accommodating place, nice environment, approachable teacher,👍👍

December 12, 2023

All the food was absolutely delicious! I HIGHLY recommend trying out The Culinary. I’ll definitely be back.

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November 28, 2023

Food and service was great!

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November 22, 2023

4 of us dined here & it was lovely & the simple menu for food & drinks is perfect; just some feedback - excellent service & timing of the food; only comment the carrots needed more cooking; the ambience is really nice & welcoming; suggestion Art Mural needed on the main wall as the existing look is pretty poor; otherwise great place, thank you.

Edwin Grimshaw
November 22, 2023

Best in Noosa

Sonia Taylor
October 25, 2023

I had a really lovely experience here. Staff were super friendly & really looked after me. The food was absolutely beautiful. I felt like I was on Master Chef! I highly recommend coming here.

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October 3, 2023
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September 14, 2023